5 Reasons You Should Take A Jet To Hawaii

5 Reasons You Should Take A Jet To Hawaii


5 Reasons to Choose Charter Flights to Hawaii

Whether its the sun, surf, or the food. There’s ALWAYS a reason to travel to Hawai’i. Depending on where you call home, your options for getting to the islands may take consideration. One option that should not be overlooked is use of charter flights to Hawaii. Charter flights offer an experience that is all around luxury.

1. Save Time

Flights to Hawaii from the Continental United States can take up to 9 hours. That is flight time alone. What’s not included in that time is baggage checking, ticketing, boarding, and time it takes for planes to taxi out. The process repeats upon landing and usually includes at least one plane change during commercial flights. This could equal a whole day of traveling. Charter flights to Hawaii may not be shorter in length, but will save time by simplifying the process. Less time spent at the airport means more time on the islands.

2. In Flight Accomodations

If you’re going to spend hours on a flight accomodation is key. On charter flights to Hawaii the majority of the flight will be over water. This means no counting on the view for entertainment. Even when compared to first class commercial flight cabins, charter flights offer more comfort. You also have the ability to stretch and move around the cabin when safe to do so. Overall, even while seated you will enjoy yourself.

3. Ability to Choose Your Travel Mates

Charter flights to Hawaii offer the unique ability to choose your travel mates. If you like to fly alone, that can be arranged. If you have a small tribe of children, no worries about keeping a sleeping businessman awake. Groups of all kinds can be accomodated and enjoy the luxury travel experience.

4. Exceptional Service

The difference between a good experience and a bad experience is service, always. Exceptional service has the ability to turn a negative situation around. Charter flights to Hawaii are staffed with industry professionals that are experts at providing a fantastic flight experience. They can give the kind of attention to each traveler that would be impossible on a commercial airline. A flight staff catering to your needs is a great way to start your trip to paradise.

5. Privacy

In flight calling is a new option on commercial flights. One that comes with concerns among the industry and travelers for various reasons. On charter flights to Hawaii you can make all the calls necessary, privately. If you’re traveling with business partners, the plane provides the kind of atmosphere where meetings can take place comfortably. Charter flights can be productive and enjoyable.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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